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Unusual activities

15 minutes from the lodge

Fancy new sensations and borrowing a spirit of adventure? There are thousands of activities to enjoy you. If you are a wildlife lover and a fan of the great north, you can treat yourself to a day of dog sledding in the Alpine forests. Aren’t you afraid of cold water? Come and discover ice diving on Mont-Cenis lake. And why not extend the experience by spending a night in an igloo?

To recover from these strong emotions, you can treat yourself to a well-deserved rest in the many spa and whirlpools in the region, and alternate between hammam and Norwegian bath.
In summer, you will not be outdone if you want some fresh air. The numerous torrents of the valley offer you a unique canyoning experience, with levels of difficulty ranging from beginners to expert routes! And the fish-rich waters will allow you to have fun, to try your hand at sport fishing, to reconnect with your roots. Do you want calm and introspection? Many caves are accessible, to discover a world apart and its treasures that you deserve.

"Activities for every one" Enjoy the region, in summer or winter!